Ajuda Vale Campaign Raises 19 Tons of Food

An initiative of the Madeira Food Bank took place between the 27th of November and the 5th of December, at Pingo Doce supermarkets in the region.

The Madeira Food Bank’s ‘Campanha Ajuda Vale’ initiative, held between 27 November and 5 December, at Pingo Doce supermarkets in the region, ‘yielded’ a total of 19 tonnes of food.

“BA collected around 19 tons of food, which will soon arrive at our warehouse and then distributed, in the coming months, to partner institutions” can be read in the statement sent to the media.

“Given the context in which we live, this is a good result, thanks to the active participation of the Regional Director of Pingo Doce, his team and especially the cashiers, to whom we are very grateful.

If we compare with the campaigns of the same period of 2020, which took place in the Pingo Doce and Continente stores, it effectively represents a decrease in the order of almost 19 tons in the participating stores”, adds the note sent by BA.

“The origin of this accentuated loss is due to the fact that the Ajuda Vale Campaign took place only in Pingo Doce stores, so this reduction was already expected.

We are certain that we will have assistance that will allow us to bridge this gap, in the hope that next year the three BA campaigns will be operational. We thank all those who contributed with vouchers, helping those who need it most.”

From Diário Notícias