Covid-19 outbreak aboard the AIDANova ‘steals’ another cruise to the port of Funchal

The ‘AIDAnova’ – the largest of the ships scheduled to stop at the Port of Funchal on this New Year’s Eve – canceled the trip to Madeira, due to an outbreak of covid-19 on board.

The news was advanced by the German regional newspaper Lübecker Nachrichten . According to the periodical, the ship interrupted its voyage in Lisbon, after several crew members tested positive, being forced to abandon the ship in the Portuguese capital.

Instead of two days, the crew and around 3,000 German passengers now have to spend five days in Lisbon. Also according to the publication, there are so many people infected that it is necessary to wait for the replacement of the team.

Remember that the Diário had already reported this morning that the ship had not left the port of Lisbon.

From Diário Notícias