New Year: Flights to the region hit the 2019 Level

Pedro Costa Ferreira, president of the Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies, says that this is a positive fact justified by the way the region has controlled the pandemic and the communication it has had with travel agencies.

Madeira is one of the most chosen destinations by mainlanders to celebrate the New Year, and it is already a frequent trip for some travelers who repeat it year after year.

As for the restructuring of TAP, Pedro Costa Ferreira welcomes the solution found and does not believe that the fate of Madeira will be harmed.

Statements by the president of the Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies, who indicate that the search for the destination Madeira for New Year’s Eve is similar to the pre-pandemic period.

From RTP Madeira

Also we need to take into account that New Year’s Eve celebrations have been cancelled everywhere throughout Portugal, and even in Europe, and Madeira will be the only place in all of Portugal to do the end of year fireworks, I believe they have even cancelled them on Porto Santo.

Great news for Madeira, and also for the 13 visiting cruise ships.