‘Orange’ warnings motivate Civil Protection recommendations

The Regional Civil Protection Service has just issued a series of recommendations to the population, following the bad weather that should affect the Region in the coming days.

Thus, and according to contacts between IPMA and the Regional Command for Relief Operations, it is expected that the weather in the Madeira Archipelago will be influenced by the approach and passage of frontal depressions, until Wednesday, the 15th December, especially in the Mountainous Regions and the North Coast, where orange warnings for precipitation will apply. Yellow warnings are in effect on the other parts of the island.

Generally, cloudy skies are expected and the occurrence of periods of rain or showers, temporarily heavy, which may be hail and accompanied by thunder.

The wind will generally be light to moderate (10 to 35 km/h) and moderate to strong (35 to 55 km/h), with gusts in the order of 70 to 90 km/h, from S or SW.

Regarding sea state (in this case until the 17th, Friday), on the North coast of Madeira and Porto Santo, waves from the Northwest are expected, with a significant height varying between 1.0 m and 3.0 m, on the south coast of Madeira, waves from the south or southwest between 1.0 m and 2.0 m.

Therefore, regional authorities recommend the following:

Close doors and windows and remove loose objects from balconies and window sills.

Whenever possible, avoid trips to areas affected by this type of weather situation.
Do not drive through areas with degraded buildings, due to the risk of landslides. Pay attention to mounted structures (scaffolding, awnings, tents, roofs), which could be affected by stronger gusts of wind, as well as possible falling trees.

Special attention to circulation or obstruction of roads, caused by objects falling off caused by strong, continuous or gusty winds;

Adopt a defensive driving, reducing speed and taking special care with the possible formation of water tables;

Ensure the unblocking of rainwater drainage systems and removal of inert materials and other objects that may be dragged or create obstacles to the free flow of water;

The risks that, under these conditions, road and pedestrian routes represent, especially in mountainous areas, exposed slopes and coastal areas, which is why it is advisable to take special care in activities during the period in which the notice is in force.

Damage to mounted or suspended infrastructure;

Pay attention to meteorological information and indications from the Civil Protection and Security Forces.

From Diário Notícias

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