TAP plane connecting Lisbon to Natal lands in Madeira

Flight TP 005 connecting Lisbon to Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, had a problem that led the commander of TAP’s A321 to ask to land in Madeira.

Information is scarce for now, but DIÁRIO knows that there is no anomaly with the aircraft that ended up landing at Cristiano Ronaldo airport at 9:30 pm, after four hours of flight.

As we found out, the problem is of a different order, with the captain limiting himself to complying with established procedures with regard to loaded baggage.

The plane was flying over the Canary Islands when it headed to Porto Santo, where it was supposed to land, as this was the first request, although after some time flying around, it ended up diverting to Funchal.

The plane left Lisbon at 5:30 pm and was supposed to land at 6:20 pm local Natal time.

From Diário Notícias