Rediscovered vertical path that connects Serra de Água to Trompica

A radical (vertical) trail along the escarpment in the Serra de Água valley, from practically the bed of the stream to the top of the mountain, near Trompica, was recently rediscovered by a group of men, in a bold initiative that has the incentive from the Serra de Água Parish Council.

The action that made it possible to rediscover the steeply sloping path that goes from Serra de Água, passes through the Levada do Norte channel, through the Piquinho area, until reaching Trompica, at the top of the slope (it is estimated that at an altitude greater than 1300 meters), was completed in the last week, the first of 2022.

“It was an undertaking designed by Leonardo Macedo Gouveia” revealed the municipality of Serra de Água on its page on the social network Facebook, where it also thanks the commitment and effort of the “group of saw machines”, referring to all the elements that participated in this ‘adventure’.

From Diário Notícias

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