Today is a big day

Today I share the news that we will be opening a snack bar in Caniรงo de Baixo, Munchies…

Nelio sister Elsa will be the owner and I have been helping all this week along with Nelio and Sรฉrgio to get the place ready to open from 6pm today.

A lot of work, as we almost start g from scratch, the place only has a couple of fridges, a chest freezer, a gas stove, a glass washer and ice machine.

So alot of money has been spent and new contracts with Tofa and Coral.

We have been working non stop the last week, and I will be doing the kitchen to start to give Elsa the help she needs, and to get everything working well.

Please come along and visit us and show your support.

If you know Caniรงo de Baixo, then it was where the old Carbonara restaurant was, Carbonara has moved a few meters away. The 155 bus, stops right outside our place from Funchal, 5 steps off the bus and you are literally sitting in a chair…. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Here are a few photos of what we have been upto the last few days.

The address is Rua Bartolomeu Perestrelo n6, Caniรงo de Baixo. 9125-125