Ukrainian tourists who stayed in Madeira tell dramas and appeal for peace

The Ukrainians who did not travel to Lithuania this Saturday, some of them have already arrived at the hotel where they will be staying.

There are seven dozen that remain in Funchal, among which 36 are housed at the Pestana Ocean Bay, in Praia Formosa.

As DIÁRIO observed at the site, some of the Ukrainian tourists chose to stay at the hotel and others took the opportunity to take a walk to Praia Formosa, where they go glued to their cell phones to find out the status of their family members in Ukraine.

Over the course of the afternoon, they gradually arrived at the hotel, where they will remain housed with the support of the Regional Government.

DIÁRIO spoke with some Ukrainians who reported what they feel and intend to do in the coming days.

One of the tourists we spoke to said that she has a relative who is in the military in Ukraine and therefore fears for his life.

The reports they receive are terrifying, especially videos and photos of bombings in their homeland.

Others we spoke to said they were very shaken and declined to comment.

From Diário Notícias

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