The Municipality JPP Machico visited today the Porto da Cruz Football Field, Terra Baptista site, in the parish of Porto da Cruz, a place frequented by children, young people and adults for the practice of sports, but also by family members, fans and locals. who spend part of their weekend there.

As the JPP recalls, since its creation, in 2007, this Football Field “waits for benches that allow those accompanying them to watch training and games safely, which does not currently occur”.

Jéssica Teles, representative of the Municipality of Machico, says that the space for the benches remains on land, with pallets that sometimes become a “temporary bench”. “What is certain is that many family members, for not having a space where they can sit, end up giving up following the activities”, she points out.

The JPP also recalls that this was a work whose “value paid by the population approached 4 million euros, a value that, initially, did not reach the 2.6 million euros forecast”.

In other words, “15 years later and about 4 million paid, the population of Porto da Cruz continues to wait, among many other works spread across the Parish, for the dignification of the Football Field, with the creation of benches and a cover in the spaces surroundings, a work that has been promised, successively, to parents and athletes, but without any materialisation”, he says.

The Municipality JPP Machico recalls that this is an infrastructure under the responsibility of the Regional Government, but regrets the “inertia” of the Municipality of Machico which, “over these 15 years, has not found a solution, even if provisional, to solve this problem”. ”.

“Unfortunately, the Parish of Porto da Cruz continues to be forgotten in terms of priorities, both of the Regional Government and of the Municipality of Machico, with clear damage to the local population”, shot JPP Machico, stressing the importance of investing in this type. of infrastructure.

In view of the above, JPP Machico alerts the competent authorities, namely the Regional Government, “in order to fulfill, once and for all, what the successive promises have been, hoping that the local authority, the Municipality of Machico, exert the pressure and influence necessary for the construction of these benches”, he concludes.

From Jornal Madeira