Municipality will not allow ‘abandonment’ of scooters in the city

During the European Mobility Week, the municipality of Funchal issued an alert for the correct use of public space, referring specifically to the case of scooters.

“Traffic on public roads is regulated. Scooters can circulate with the proper rules. Now, leaving them arbitrarily scattered around the city – which is intended to be more mobile, taking into account people with some physical disability – we will not allow this and we will act accordingly”, warned the mayor, Pedro Calado, at a time when the municipality defines strategy to improve mobility management and ensure greater road fluidity.

This idea was highlighted this afternoon, during the conference entitled ‘Sustainable Urban Mobility: technology at the service of the future!’, which took place in the Municipal Assembly Room.

“We want a developed, computerized city, prepared for new technologies”, said the mayor, explaining that the council asked for “the collaboration of several entities that are helping to define sustainability and mobility policies”.

From Diário Notícias

So how are they going to tackle this??? Underage people using them, going to fast, dangerous riding, and dumped everywhere. People have seen them up at Cabo Girão, do these things really get you that far??? Or are people taking them in cars to use in other places.???

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