A severe worsening of weather from Sunday evening

A severe worsening of the weather is forecast
from Sunday, but mainly on Monday. Forecast of
very strong winds from the northern quadrant with
gusts in the mountainous areas that could exceed
120km/h (according to the model). European
ECM), situation to follow.

A lot of talk about this change in weather from Sunday, and looking at wind guru, if the wind forecasts stay as they are, then there will be no point in any flight attempting to get to Madeira Monday and Tuesday.

Wind limits will be almost double than what’s deemed safe to land.

Not only with the wind be extremely strong from the North, temperatures will drop, and rain could also be a problem on and off all week.

It will feel very cold especially at night, and also in the wind, with expected snow above 1400meters.

Rough seas are also forecast for the coming days, and could well get worse for the northern coast and Porto Santo.

Something to keep an eye on in the coming days, especially if you are due to travel next week.


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