SESARAM has just issued a statement confirming the occurrence of a “deliberate and malicious cyber-attack with the sole objective of causing damage and disrupting the normal functioning of the Regional Health Service of the Autonomous Region of Madeira”.

“The internal functioning of SESARAM is thus affected, compromising some areas”, underlines the same source, adding that efforts are being made “in accordance with the competent authorities, in order to overcome the current situation”.

According to the same source, “the incident was reported to the National Cybersecurity Center and the National Data Protection Commission and reported to the criminal police bodies with competence in the matter, forcing a thorough investigation of the hypothetical perpetrators in order to overcome the attack he was the target of”.

Further informs SESARAM that “due to this incident all non-urgent clinical activity will be suspended during the day of tomorrow, August 07, 2023, to consider: consultations, scheduled surgeries, clinical analyzes and complementary means of diagnosis”.

Health center hours remain. However, due to constraints on telephone connections, provisional numbers were made available to the health centers listed below: Arco da Calheta – 926041646; Calheta – 926041663; Nazareth – 926041675; São Roque – 926041632; Good Jesus – 926041686; Nélio Mendonça Hospital 1 – 926041588; Nélio Mendonça Hospital 2 – 926041595; Nélio Mendonça Hospital 3 – 926041605; Nélio Mendonça Hospital 4 – 926041617; Nélio Mendonça Hospital 5 – 926041620; Hospital dos Marmeleiros 1 – 926041594; Hospital dos Marmeleiros 2 – 926041590; Hospital João de Almada – 926041691″.

SESARAM highlights the request that users only go to the Emergency Service in a clear case of need and mentions that it has been “monitored and supported from the beginning by the Cybersecurity Service of the Regional Directorate of Informatics of the Regional Government of Madeira”.

The Regional Health Service says that it will update the information and that this Monday, at 12:00, there will be a press conference in the Conference Room of Hospital Dr. Nelio Mendonca.

From Jornal Madeira

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