In the early morning, CDU carried out a political initiative together with the Gonçalves Zarco School, in Barreiros, to defend the creation of a School Transport network in Funchal, which guarantees the promotion of a more sustainable and less polluting mobility, with a lower volume of emissions of gases and particles into the atmosphere, this measure being of the utmost importance.

The municipal deputy, Herlanda Amado, said that “in the current context, public transport is of central and decisive importance in the implementation of sustainable mobility policies capable of realizing the right of populations to mobility, thus promoting development and economic cohesion, social and territorial.

“Mobility cannot be treated predominantly, or even exclusively, from the perspective of individual transport. Reducing the use of individual transport – more than that, calling into question the paradigm of individual transport, focusing on collective transport, on the public transport service – it is a social, environmental and economic imperative and the use of public transport must be encouraged among all sections of the population, starting with the youngest”, she said.

“Funchal’s teaching establishments, from primary schools of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles and secondary education, concentrate thousands of students from different areas and localities, from the high areas to the city centre, forcing regular home-school trips. and school-home, for many thousands of children and young people, forcing their families to commute very intensely. The lack of a school transport service in the municipality of Funchal, implies that many families choose to use their private vehicle, to ensure transporting children to school and back home”.

From Jornal Madeira