Ryanair brings “historic change” to Madeira

Taking advantage of the visit of Ryanair’s CEO, Eddie Wilson, to the airline’s base in the Region, Thierry Ligonnière, CEO of Ana Aeroportos de Portugal, explained that this Ryanair base in Madeira, the fifth base that the company operates in Portugal, is the result of of the “work carried out” and of an “economic effort” to create all the logistical conditions for the operation.

“A shared effort” also with partners from Turismo de Portugal and Madeira Tourism to reach today’s result. “And the result today is that there is more competition in Madeira, better prices and more opportunities for Madeirans to travel to various destinations”.

Eduardo Jesus, president of the Madeira Promotion Association and also regional secretary for Culture and Tourism, added that the operation had not yet been completed, and the market was already reorganizing and prices were falling. There is now “a very interesting range of choice” that makes use of the network of international contacts available to Ryanair, pointed out Eduardo Jesus.