800 children ‘write’ message of peace on the Wall of Hope

The message of peace that Madeira leaves to the world through the Wall of Hope is “important”, especially given the “atrocity that is happening today in Ukraine”.

“We are seeing hundreds of people who organize themselves to witness a huge message that Madeira leaves to the world through the sensitivity of children, who place a flower on this Wall of Hope, pleading for peace. I think this is a particularly important and special for this message to be heard and passed on in the face of the atrocity that is happening today in Ukraine”, said the regional secretary for Tourism and Culture, Eduardo Jesus, this morning, in Praça do Município, where the Wall of Hope takes place, which is integrated in the Flower Festival.

The official highlighted the fact that the party is “different” now without the use of personal protective masks in outdoor spaces.

“We see people again as before and everything is brighter and cuter. There is a great joy, which can be seen in different generations, which is another important aspect of this party: we meet young children, as we meet people who are grandparents or great-grandparents of these children. Therefore, it is a party that brings together three, four generations with great ease and that is also an important sign”, he stressed.

The Wall of Hope brought together around 800 children from eight schools in Madeira.

The symbolic moment included the release of pigeons and white doves, as illustrated in the video.

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