Solutions need to be made before more deaths.

The Diário shows the images of the popular walks in Madeira, this being the ones in Rabaçal, but other areas of the island also suffer in the same way.

Mountain guides accuse the tourist massification in Madeira’s most popular walking routes of degrading the quality of the destination. Instituto de Florestas prepares to count the number of visitors to Rabaçal. Limiting daily accesses can be a solution.

The island is extremely popular at the moment, and will be for the coming year at least, and personally I think to popular.

These Levada walks are really going to suffer and when you see the images of the amount of people on this particular walk in Rabaçal, its amazing there hasn’t been more accidents, and it’s just not pleasant for the tourists or the guides.

See the link below from a video at the beginning of May.

Crowdered Levada Walk