The Regional Secretariat for Health and Civil Protection once again guaranteed the permanence of a medical team from the EMIR (Rapid Intervention Medicalized Team) during the summer, ensuring differentiated assistance in the pre-hospital service. This mission has always taken place in recent years and is one of the three annual missions carried out on that island, while there is no EMIR project for the whole year.

The EMIR 2022 mission started this Wednesday and ends on the 25th of September, therefore, it runs until the end of the bathing season. The presence of a Medicalized Rapid Intervention Team (EMIR) “is a way to mitigate this double insularity, reinforcing the medical support response capacity and promoting a more specialized pre-hospital emergency in close collaboration with the various civil protection and health agents. , achieving greater optimization of the resources available on the island of Porto Santo”, reinforces the resolution of the GR Council. The costs resulting from this trip are estimated at 168,156.00 thousand euros, which also included the Easter mission already carried out between the period from 13 to 17 April 2022. The two highly differentiated health technicians will develop information and public awareness,

During this period, the medical team will also carry out awareness-raising actions in Porto Santo, one of which will be on the beach in order to prepare the population to intervene in the event of cardiorespiratory arrest, thus practicing Basic Life Support (BLS) maneuvers. It will also give full support to the emergency service of the Health Center and also guarantee support in the transfers of urgent patients to Madeira.

With the demand for the Porto Santo destination increasing considerably, the Regional Government, through the Regional Health and Civil Protection Secretariat, once again guaranteed the permanence of a differentiated team in the aid to be carried out on that island, where the population is increasing, due to the thousands of tourists who seek the island to spend a vacation.

EMIR in Porto Santo will provide medical support to various institutions, namely the Porto Santo Public Administration Office, the Dr. Francisco Rodrigues Jardim and the Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Porto Santo.

From Jornal Madeira

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