Gasoline Price Will Exceed Two Euros in Madeira Next Week

Fuel prices in Madeira will rise again next week, with gasoline exceeding the two euros mark per litre.

Thus, as of next Monday, June 13th, ’95 gasoline’ will cost 2.063 euros per litre. At the moment it costs 1.964 euros per litre. An increase of 0.10 cents

The ‘simple diesel’ also rises one cent again, costing 1,777 euros per litre.

Colored and marked diesel, more restricted and aimed at a specific audience, also registers an increase next week (from 1,311 to 1,408 euros per litre).

The maximum fuel prices were approved by the Regional Government and published, this Friday, in JORAM in Joint Order no.

Prices in force in Madeira from 00:00 on the 13th of June 2022:

Unleaded gasoline IO 95 ……… € 2,063 per liter

Road diesel…………………………. € 1,777 per liter

Colored and marked diesel…….. € 1,408 per liter

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