According to the first data released today by the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira for the tourist accommodation sector in the Region, referring to May 2022, 177.6 thousand guests arrived in the Madeira archipelago, which generated 899.9 thousand overnight stays.

This time, these values ​​resulted in very expressive year-on-year variations, of +262.4% and +322.1%, respectively.

Compared to May 2019, there were, in the same order, increases of 32.9% and 25.7%.

According to the DREM, the values ​​of overnight stays and incoming guests, indicated above for May 2022, as in April, are the highest ever for this month.

“For the purposes of comparability with the data released by INE, it is necessary to exclude local accommodation with less than 10 beds, and, according to this logic of calculation of results, overnight stays in tourist accommodation, in May 2022, showed a year-on-year increase. of 343.6%, a more expressive variation than that verified at the national level (+221.8%)”, justifies the DREM.

Also worthy of mention is the fact that, in the Region, overnight stays from residents in Portugal grew by 138.6% in relation to the same month of the previous year, reaching 157.2 thousand (17.5% of the total), while overnight stays from residents abroad rose 404.1%, reaching 742.7 thousand.

“It should be noted that, compared to May 2019, the change in overnight stays produced by residents in Portugal was positive, of +89.4%, and of +17.4%, in the case of overnight stays produced by residents abroad. In May 2022, guests residing in the country totaled 44,800, reaching 132,800 in the case of residents abroad.

Doing the math, in the country, in May 2022, the domestic market contributed with 1.8 million overnight stays, having increased by 47.7%. External markets predominated (72.2% weight) and totaled 4.7 million overnight stays (+489.5% compared to May 2021).

It should also be noted that the first estimated data, in the Region, for the reference month, show that the main markets that send residents abroad accounted for 82.5% of total overnight stays. In this set, the German market is the one with the most overnight stays, in May 2022, around 183.4 thousand, followed by the United Kingdom, with 171.1 thousand and France, with 98.6 thousand.

In May 2022, 13.1% of tourist accommodation establishments will have been closed or have not registered a movement of guests. The hotel industry should represent 92.5% of establishments with guest movement (90.5% in April 2022).

More detailed results for May 2022 will be published on July 14, 2022.

From Jornal Madeira