The band The Dire Straits Experience arrived in Madeira this morning for a concert that will take place this Saturday at Praia do Calhau, in front of the Savoy Saccharum hotel, in what will be a reference concert for the opening of the summer.

Speaking to JM-FM 88.8, the group’s leader, Chris White, former member of Mark Knofler’s original band, promised “a memorable concert where songs that everyone knows from the Dire Straits repertoire will be played”.
«Everyone knows songs like ‘Brother’s in arms’, ‘Sultans of swing’, or ‘Money for nothing’ just to give a few examples, and we will play these songs among many others that I know are in the ears of all fans of the band. This show will be a true tribute to the Dire Strais. Come on, you’ll love it!”, he said.

From Jornal Madeira

Tickets for the event sold out within hours from first Publishing. Should be a great night for all those going, and perfect weather also.