Pandemic containment measures unchanged this week

The measures to contain the covid-19 pandemic in force in the Autonomous Region of Madeira should not change this week. The guarantee is from the head of the Madeiran executive, Miguel Albuquerque, and was left this Wednesday, January 12, on the sidelines of the visit to the reconstruction work of Estrada das Carreiras in Camacha.

The official recalls that the Region is currently facing a peak of infections by covid-19 that should last for another week and a half, so the executive will wait to change the measures in force.

Miguel Albuquerque also mentioned that the changes should focus on the number of rapid antigen tests reimbursed by the Regional Government. Currently, each resident citizen or tourist is entitled to take one test per week, – totaling four per month -: “We are evaluating the situation with the Health Department and then taking measures to alleviate the massive testing every week”.

Within the next two weeks, the Regional Government should decree the co-payment of screening tests for covid-19 only for necessary cases, which include symptomatic people and professionals linked to health, education and protection, putting an end to the massive testing of the population.

From Diário Notícias