Madeira Welcomes 2022

Another fireworks show filled Funchal’s skies with colour. It took eight minutes during which 20 tonnes of explosive material were burned, in an investment by the Regional Government, through the Regional Secretariat for Tourism and Culture, which amounted to one million and 85 thousand euros.

Macedo’s Pirotecnia, the company responsible for the show, once again secured 59 fire stations. In ‘Ilha Dourada’ two launching points were set up (one in Portela, the other on the pier), while in Funchal, 27 stations were located in the amphitheater, 25 in the seafront and five in the sea.

The fireworks were amazing, and to have all the cruise ships back and all the smaller boats at sea it made the bay of Funchal look really nice.

Red Bull did there bit, if you blinked you might have missed it, four persons jumped from a plane blazing through the sky like a comet ☄ before releasing their parachutes. It lasted all of 3 minutes.