In his speech at the 40th National Congress of the PSD, Miguel Albuquerque today asked those who do not want to participate in the new PSD cycle to also “not bother”.

“Who does not want to participate, stop bothering and let this alternative build” of the PSD, said the president of PSD-Madeira this afternoon, at the social-democratic conclave that is taking place in Porto.

Miguel Albuquerque spoke to a now full room, which heard him say that before Portugal was the poorest country in Europe and today it is “on its way to being the poorest country in the European Union”.

“Only the PSD can end this stigma”, he said, defending that “it is crucial that the party guarantees unity to gain the confidence of the Portuguese”.

Albuquerque was against a party with “exacerbated egos” and “plays” of power and, therefore, warned that “those who don’t want to participate, stop bothering and let this alternative build”.

Afterwards, Miguel Albuquerque declared that the PSD should not be ashamed of its past, evoking the roles of three former social-democratic prime ministers, namely Sá Carneiro, Cavaco Silva and Pedro Passos Coelho.

“A party that doesn’t know how to praise its best has no character, no memory, no present, no future”.