‘Pirate’ collects kilos of plastic in the Paul’s sea after Festa da Lapa

The well-known ‘Pirate’ of Madeira collected kilos of plastic that ended up in the sea after the Lapa Festival. Henrique Afonso, who has ‘Sofia do Mar’ anchored at the Paul do Mar pier, admits that “it is with great sadness” to have noticed, shortly after the closing of the event that took place last weekend, a lot of plastic in the ocean.

“I picked up a lot of plastic” guarantees the well-known sailor who in the last two days rowed a lot to pick up the immense garbage that was floating, essentially “glasses and water bottles”.

Without being able to specify the kilos of plastic he brought ashore, Henrique Afonso underlines that “this happens not only at the Festa da Lapa”, but he regrets the attitude of the event’s organizer, in this case Casa do Povo do Paul do Mar.

“The organization could hire two people to spend the days of the party cleaning up. The fault is not exclusively of those who visited Paul do Mar. It was windy and the wind took the glasses that, for example, were empty on the tables. There was no one to collect. Everything would be different if the organization of the event had a cleaning team”, he stressed.

Trail of litter after the festival.

From Diário Notícias