The transport of a user back to Porto Santo, after being discharged from the Hospital dos Marmeleiros, is making news on social media, after the complaints made by the elderly man’s son. The situation was exposed to the Regional Health Service and shared on social media, having already led to several reactions and an apology from SESARAM.

As Manuel Maurício Correia reported, in a publication on social networks, and later in conversation with JM, the news of his father’s discharge had been transmitted to him on Wednesday of last week, and he was also asked to take clothes to the hospital. The son, who was in Porto Santo, where he lives, went by boat to Madeira the next day, having taken the clothes to his father, before the return trip, scheduled for Friday.

However, on that day, the son says that the father ended up making the trip without clothes, barefoot, and only wearing a hospital gown, expressing indignation at the “unacceptable and regrettable way in which he was sent to make the trip, having him very serious problems with pneumonia and other problems”.

To the newspaper, SESARAM confirmed the situation, admitting that the user traveled to Porto Santo following the “protocol ‘patient on a stretcher’ in the dedicated space in Lobo Marinho”, but that “once he went home he should have returned with his own clothes”. Regretting what happened, the SESARAM press office added that “the family caregiver was contacted for due clarification and apology”.

From Jornal Madeira

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