Passengers on inter-island flights are not subject to quarantine

Those traveling by plane between Madeira and Porto Santo are not covered by the precautionary measure

After having made it clear during the afternoon that the quarantine obligation imposed today for those who, as of tomorrow, disembark at Madeira and Porto Santo airports, applies to everyone – passengers and crew – without exception, the regional secretary from Tourism and Culture dispels doubts, by assuring the Diário Notícias that “inter-island passengers are not subject to quarantine”, he clarified moments ago.

Because quarantine or social isolation implies ‘curfew’ until the 14th day after disembarkation, if the measure also included the double daily connection between the two islands of the Madeira Archipelago, it meant not only that any passenger who risked traveling until 31 March would have to complete the two weeks of isolation, but so would the ATR-72 crew as soon as it landed, which happens daily.

From Diário Notícias