Madeira had a record breaking June.

Madeira received 178 thousand visitors in June. 

It was the month of all records in the tourism sector, with 900 thousand overnight stays and income exceeding 54 million euros.

Eduardo Jesus says that the increase in the number of overnight stays achieved in June, according to data released today by the Regional Statistics Directorate, based on the National Statistics Institute, “confirms the consolidation of the growth that was already being felt, in the tourism sector and consequently throughout the regional economy”.

“It is a month of records. The month of June is a month of new records for guests and overnight stays, it is a month in which we have seen quite significant growth, both in the foreign and national markets. reaching almost 55 million euros”, underlines the regional secretary for Tourism and Culture.

According to the official, these results began to be verified, last year, in August, when the Region reached 50 million and have been increasing, as was verified in June.

“The average stay also grew, standing at 4.7 nights, which means that people stay longer and the occupancy/bed rate increased by 71%, which is clearly good for this sector”, he points out.

Eduardo Jesus reinforces that “these results are not happening by chance”.

“The Regional Government has committed itself to making this resumption strong and expressive in its dimension. It is in line with what we envision, with the commitment of the teams that are assigned to the sector, both in the Regional Directorate of Tourism and in the Promotion Association and it is with this intention and motivation to surpass the numbers before the pandemic, that we will continue to work, seeking that the data that may emerge in the following months remain with this quality of good news”, he considers.

From Jornal Madeira