Rent-a-car car stolen while customers were at the cafe

A ‘7M Rent-a-Car’ car, branded ‘Fiat Panda’, white, with registration number 64-ZN-56, was stolen this afternoon in Funchal.

As João Pestana, Rent-a-Car’s operations manager explained to DIÁRIO, the car was parked on Rua Alferes Veiga Pestana and the customers, two Spanish friends, who had already had the car in their possession for about a week, they were in a nearby cafe when it was stolen, around 2 pm.

“The customer called us all nervous to say that when he had entered the cafe to pay, he left his bag on the table outside, and when he came back it was no longer there”, he began by saying, adding that the car keys, which had a key holder saying the license plate, they were inside the bag and through that the thieves were able to identify which vehicle it was and steal it. “Everything was realised  when the customers went to the car and it had already disappeared”, he stressed.

The manager explained that the company and the two Spanish citizens, around 48 years old, who were also left without their documents, have already filed a complaint with the PSP.

The Public Security Police and the 7M company are looking for the vehicle and, therefore, ask anyone with any information to call the authorities immediately or to the number 966498194.

From Diário Notícias

Gone are the days where we could leave stuff, you must keep everything with you at all times. Beware of pickpockets also, especially in crowded places like the market in Funchal.

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