This week’s Milhão winner made a bet on a tobacconist in Ribeira Brava

The Million in the Euromillions draw this Friday, October 7, 2022, awarded a player who registered the bet at Clube Video Oeste, in Vila da Ribeira Brava.

The lucky winner with 1 million euros bet a complete bulletin (12.50 euros) made automatically, confirmed to DIÁRIO the person responsible for the tobacconist located next to Rua da Frente-Mar ribeira Branse. Until the beginning of the afternoon the winner had not yet ‘claimed’ the prize.

Created in 2016, whoever plays in Euromillions automatically plays in Milhão.

This is because the EuroMillions ticket price includes a small fee associated with this draw. Each EuroMillions ticket generates an alphanumeric code for this contest each time the bet is placed. This code, made up of three letters and five numbers, determines who wins.

The Million is only drawn on Friday, but bet slips that generate EuroMillions codes on Tuesday also count towards the weekly draw. This draw always takes place in Portugal and always has the same value.

All codes resulting from bets on Euromillions throughout the week participate in Milhão, until 19:00 on the Friday when the draw is made.

From Diário Notícias

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