Friday Foto

Thanks to John Meldrum for these great photos and thank you for the kind words.

Please find a few photos for possible inclusion in the “Friday Foto” feature in Madeira Island News.
My wife & I have just returned from a wonderful week’s holiday in Madeira – based in Funchal & boy did we love it ?! Loved it ! Loved it ! Loved it !
And while we were there I came across the your Island News which we found a great source of information & would access it on a daily basis.
We hope to return soon to your beautiful island.
Kind regards, John Meldrum.
Photos submitted:-
* A beautiful welcome – stunning rainbow on our arrival on the island.
* Night-time view from our hotel pool area looking across to the Porto do Funchal
* Cruise ship – view from the lobby of the hotel
* Camara de Lobos
* View from Miradoura Pico dos Barcelos (1)
* View from Miradoura Pico dos Barcelos (2)
* Valley of the Nuns ( Curral das Freiras )
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