This virtual universe was recognised by the Regional Government of Madeira, being the first in the world to achieve this feat.

In the Madalia virtual world, it can be visited without leaving home.

According to news from ‘NiT’, it is a project created by Dimmersions, a startup founded in 2018 that produces tourist solutions using augmented reality (and not only). The company’s most recent project is a replica of Madeira, where the company was founded.

It is not yet available to the general population, but this is expected to change during the first quarter of 2023. The first version of the island’s “digital twin” was presented on September 28 at the Immerse Global Summit in Funchal.

“With our know-how, we decided to enter the metaverse with a project that we named Madalia. It is a digital twin of Madeira, all in 3D, where users can walk around“, explained to NiT Tiago Senna, responsible for marketing and business development at Dimmersions.

This virtual universe was recognized by the Regional Government of Madeira, being the first in the world to achieve this feat. “We had to have access to the data from the geographic information systems and it was almost like a partnership”, he adds. The virtual island they created will also be useful for regional authorities because they will be able to use that space to carry out tests as “simulations for preventing fires or landslides”.

The release to the general public will still take some time, but you will be able to discover Madalia at Lisbon Games Week (which takes place from November 17th to 20th) and at Comic Con (which runs from December 9th to 12th). The internationalisation of the project is something they are already thinking about. “We will also present Madeira’s virtual twin in Miami, USA, and Dubai”, reveals Tiago Senna. And he adds: “In addition to Madeira, we want to have other Portuguese territories”, he said.

From Jornal Madeira