Cica Bar ‘dispatched’ 1,000 kilos of meat in two hours

Cica Bar ‘dispatched’ 1,000 kilos of meat in two hours.

Night at the Market broke all possible and imaginary records at the emblematic establishment.

Every year the famous ‘Cica Bar’, next to the main entrance to the Mercado dos Lavradores, significantly increases the offer of pork with wine and garlic sandwiches,  (Carne vinho d Alhos) but this year it clearly exceeded expectations.

Carlos Caldeira, son of one of the owners, explained that there was a ‘peak’ at a certain time of the day when the establishment ‘dispatched’ 1,000 kilos of meat in the space of two hours and assumed that over the 30 years that he has helped his father in this night… never seen anything like it.

As for the number of paposecos ( bread rolls) he had already sold around 9 pm, the calculations were more difficult to do. “I have no idea, nor can I answer that. We have a bakery working for us and we are already on the fourth or fifth van”, she concluded, in statements made to the channel ‘Na Minha Terra TV’. About 5 years ago this place ordered 20,000 just for this night.

Furthermore, the ‘Cica Bar’, which opened its doors in 1988, serves meat and garlic sandwiches all year round. It’s almost like an ’embassy’ of this delicacy that many tourists take the opportunity to taste at other times, not just around Christmas.

According to the balance of the mayor of Funchal, more than 45 thousand people were present in the downtown of the Madeiran capital, which by 9:30 am was already practically all cleaned up and redone from the Night of the Market.

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