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Hi all,

I am launching a Patreon Page, this will give you a much better and personal look at life in Madeira.

I will share many of my experiences in Madeira, bars and restaurants I love to visit, and those to avoid. Places to visit, routes I love to take when out and about, and so much more.

Once I have 100 Patreons then we will have monthly competitions, where you can win some great prizes, the higher the platform the more ticket entries you have for competitions, no addition cost for these competitions.

You can become a supporter from as little as $2.00 a month, the platform is safe and easy to use.

There will only be a maximum of 500 Patrons  who can join this exclusive membership, and you will be sent your winning numbers for the competitions once joined.

Please only sign up if you can afford to do so, the blog will always remain free, but I think this will be fun, you will see another side to Madeira, and living on the island, plus interact with me a whole lot more, and have any questions or topics replied to instantly. Join from as little as $2.00 a month.

Please Join My Page Here

I have some Exclusive Calender’s to give away for those that join the $10.00 a month or above tier, I have 10 calender’s to give away and these will be posted direct to you. The calender’s are from my friend Duarte Sol, with images he has captured through photography on the island, and are truly stunning.


If you cant support my blog but would love one of these calender’s, email at, and I will send you the details, and get these to you in the next couple of weeks.

Remember there will only be the chance for 500 of you to join this exclusive membership, and help support my blog . Click on the image below to join.

Thank you so much in advance



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