Temperature dropped below 15ºC across the Region

As expected, the air temperature cooled this weekend and today (until 10:00 am) it dropped below 15 degrees Celsius (ºC) in the entire IPMA network of meteorological stations in the Madeira Archipelago, which happens for the first time this autumn/winter.

On Saturday, the highest minimum had been 15.2 ºC in Funchal/Lido, but this Sunday, until the last minute, that maximum record of the minimum air temperature was 14.8 ºC, in Porto Moniz. In the ‘low’ of Funchal, the extreme values ​​of air temperature were 14.6 ºC and 14.4 ºC, in the Lido and Observatory, respectively.

As for the lowest minimum temperature, today (until 10 am) the extremes did not reach negative values, after this Saturday the air temperature in Pico do Areeiro fell to 0.8 ºC. Until mid-morning this Sunday, the lowest minimum had been 2.2 ºC, recorded at dawn (02:40 am) also on Pico do Areeiro.

In general, the air temperatures registered today along the coast and intermediate levels remained in the double digits, and below this threshold in the mountainous regions. The only exception is Santo da Serra, which, being located at an intermediate level (660 meters above sea level), had registered temperatures below 10 ºC until 10 am (8.2 ºC was the minimum).

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