5 months this has now been going on, this 3rd world health care needs to come to an end, as well as waiting years for consultations and operations. There is no proper health care unless you are willing to pay. 

Below From Jornal Madeira

“Once again, and contrary to what has been stated by the Regional Health Service, several users have complained about the lack of medicines in the hospital pharmacy”, denounces the JPP.

“Just this week there were complaints that are confirmed by health professionals: if one day a type of medicine is missing, another day there is something else missing and, since October, the failure of medicines in the hospital pharmacy is persistent.

This situation is incomprehensible and unacceptable in what is the provision of a public health service, a service that embodies a constitutional right of citizens: the right to Health. The JPP regrets that, although all the complaints already made and the attempts of the users themselves to make themselves heard, via user support office, the situation remains unresolved. It becomes worse when the regional health service is not held accountable in the face of this further limitation of safeguarding the rights of users”, says Paulo Alves.

Faced with this situation, which could trigger more serious situations, the JPP calls on SESARAM and the authorities to resolve this situation once and for all, fulfilling its mission.

To users, the JPP leaves the alert: “make a complaint in writing at the user support office, expose your situation and enforce what is your right: the right to complain so that your own right to health is assured “.