Two cruise ships and two mega-yachts in the port of Funchal

Today, the port of Funchal welcomes the cruise ships ‘Marella Explorer’ and ‘Ventura’, which are handling a total of 7,067 people, of which 5,111 are passengers. These are joined by two mega-yachts, the ‘Helios’ and the ‘Luna B’.

In the case of the ‘Marella Explorer’, he is already a ‘regular customer’ who calls at this port every Thursday and has been positioned on this route of the Atlantic islands, with calls in the Canary Islands and Madeira. This ship comes from Tenerife, on this trip it carries 1,901 passengers and 777 crew. She departs at 6:30 pm, after a 12-hour stopover at the port of Funchal.

The ‘Ventura’ arrived from La Palma, with 3,210 passengers and 1,178 crew. She stays in Madeira at 11 am and leaves at 6 pm for Lisbon. This ship is on a 12-night cruise, calling at three Canary Islands and Madeira. Starting April 6th in Southampton and ending in the same port on April 18th.

As for the mega-yachts, they are still in the Madeiran port, with the ‘Luna B’ at anchor and departing tomorrow morning, heading for Gibraltar, after a 57-hour stopover in Madeira. On board, there are 16 crew members.

The ‘Helios’ only leaves Madeira at dawn on Sunday, leaving for Rotterdam, with 15 crew members on board.

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