Motorcycling Association expects to break the record of 4,600 motorcycles

This Sunday, the Motorcycling Association of Madeira hopes to “break the record” for participation of motorcycles and participants from last year, where 4,600 motorcycles and 6,300 motorcyclists were present, marking the celebrations of Biker’s Day.

It will therefore be one day, with traffic constraints from 9 am, with the concentration taking place on Avenida Sá Carneiro, in Funchal. Departure towards the seafront of the village of Calheta is scheduled for 10.30 am, with arrival scheduled for 11.40 am where there will be an entertainment set that will last until dusk.

I was there last year to see the bikes leave, from outside the Pestana CR7 hotel, and it’s quite an experience.

Traffic on the seafront of Calheta will also be restricted, however the mayor of Calheta, underlines that hotels, commerce and other passers-by can circulate through the parish of Arco da Calheta.

Speaking directly to the locals, Carlos Teles, stressed that the main idea of ​​supporting the event is to “promote the municipality”, considering that this objective has been achieved by the various social or sports events that the municipality has been a partner. 

This event is organized not only by the Motorcycling Association, but also by the various affiliated clubs, 10 of which will be represented, announced the entity’s president.

From Diário Notícias