CDS Santa Cruz against placing parking meters in Caniço de Baixo (with photos)

The Municipality of the CDS-PP in Santa Cruz assumes that it is against the placement of parking meters in Caniço de Baixo. 

The president of the structure, Lídia Albornoz, defends that “a previous study should have been carried out to understand which people, as a rule, occupy the parking spaces on a daily basis, in order to come up with strategies to safeguard who works and who lives in Caniço” .

The member of the Caniço Parish Assembly criticizes the JPP executive for taking measures that “almost exclusively affect Caniço residents and workers”.

Lídia Albornoz, accuses the mayor of Santa Cruz  Filipe Sousa, of wanting to generate expenses for citizens with the aim of “increasing funds from
municipal coffers.

However, Lídia Albornoz says that the mayor of that county cannot create “another expense for families that are facing great difficulties at the moment with the aim of, later, increasing social programs, fueling subsidy dependency and enhancing the existence of more poverty in Santa Cross”.

The centrist also points out that Filipe Sousa, with three absolute majorities in that municipality, “having made Gaula the capital of Santa Cruz and Caniço its golden goose”, something that she classifies as being “inadmissible”.

From Diário Notícias

Now we have streets of empty spaces where people living and working here would normally park.

Photos from Corina Bachmeier.