Half a million to stabilise 70 meters of wall in Porto Santo

The Regional Government, through the Regional Secretariat for Equipment and Infrastructure, is preparing to proceed with the stabilization of part of the support wall of the Regional Road 120, at the Barroca site, in Porto Santo, just after the cemetery roundabout. The estimated cost of the work is half a million euros, as the tender’s base price, plus VAT.

Until the 6th of June, the presentation of proposals by companies interested in executing this project will take place, following the tender launched in Diário da República, last Monday.

The execution period is six months (180 days), counting from the signature of the respective contract, involving different public and private entities, namely the companies Águas e Resdições da Madeira (ARM), Empresa de Electricidade da Madeira (EEM) , telecommunications companies, taking into account that the infrastructure and equipment that guarantee the services provided in the respective areas of action exist or pass on the site.

At issue is the regularization of a wall with a length of approximately 70 meters and a height varying between 3.03 and 6.14 meters. At least since 2017, this retaining wall has been showing cracks and the floor has been giving way, with some slumps of around 20 cm.

“This wall runs along the side of the west side of the ER 120, extending for a few more meters after the existing roundabout, along the regional road ER 260. embankment, with a slightly curvilinear configuration, more evident from the house, located in the adjacent area, roughly in the middle of the stretch. The total length of the wall is about 104.5 m, corresponding to about 52 m on the north side, 45 m on the south side, and about 7.5 m in front of the house”, we can read in the project’s descriptive memory.

A new wall will be built and access to the existing house will be restored. The work should begin with the demolition of the pavement, walkway and curbs on the back of the existing wall and, later, with the demolition of the current constructive elements of the access to the existing building and of the wall itself. Only then will new constructions begin.

From Diário Notícias

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