June at the Gazebo – Vegan Special

Next month at the Gazebo, they have a special Vegan night on the 22nd.

Be sure to book a space for the evening that suits you, and say hello to Adrianne & Filipe from me, as I’m unable to go at the moment.

Hello, hello! As June is around the corner, why not start the month by treating yourself to an evening at the Gazebo Supperclub? Below, please check which date suits you best, and we look forward to hearing from you.

This month was very kind to us. We had the chance to meet a lot of new interesting people, and welcomed back many, which is always such a joy for us and our team. Our Newsletter community is also growing thanks to you spreading the word about your experience with us at the Gazebo or with our Private Chef Service, SEU-CHEF. A big THANK YOU from us, and a warm WELCOME to our newcomers! Adrianne & Filipe. 


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