As part of CMF’s Environment Week, taking place in Praça do Município and ending next Monday and on a day dedicated to “Waters”, the highlight goes to the installation of inclusive drinking fountains, which allow quality drinking water for all , as well as the quality of Funchal’s water, which is safe and is also a more sustainable and less expensive option.

It should be noted that, annually, Funchal has thousands of analyzes carried out on the water collected at public consumption points by a duly accredited entity, with excellent results.

In 2022 Funchal’s safe water indicator was 99.1%.

Therefore, CMF today installed the first three inclusive drinking fountains, intended for all those who want to fill their bottles, people with reduced mobility and children, not forgetting the animals.

It should be noted that the municipality intends to install 15 of these new drinking fountains and that the installation of one of these new drinking fountains, today, in Almirante Reis, involved councilor Nádia Coelho.

On this day dedicated to water, it should be noted the wide range of initiatives, which included an exhibition of vehicles from Águas do Funchal, namely the detection of non-visible leaks and the combination of unblocking wastewater collectors, noting that this it is a compact model, which means, therefore, that it is adapted to narrow city streets, using a system that recycles the collected water and, under pressure, the same water, already recycled, cleans the basic sanitation piping, which it saves water, and is therefore a method of saving water and travel costs to fill the car’s tank.

Today was also the day of the exhibition “Tap water: less plastic, more environment”, which seeks to elucidate the advantages of consuming tap water over other less sustainable options, especially those bottled in plastic.

In this exhibition, some of the investments that Funchal has carried out to combat water loss are also presented.

From Jornal Madeira

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