During the parliamentary hearing of the ANAC president, Lopes da Fonseca, from the CDS, questioned Tânia Cardoso Simões about whether she had already traveled to Madeira and had to turn back because of the strong winds. The wind limits are valid for all airports, due to weather conditions, but, according to the parliamentarian, pilots should have the authority to decide on a maneuver of two or three knots. “By one, two or three knots, 60% of flights diverge”, pointed out Lopes da Fonseca, considering that there are imposed limitations that are already out of date, in addition to the fact that the mandatory limits are imposed only at Madeira airport and not at other country’s infrastructure.

“In the past there were political issues” influencing the problem of winds at the airport, he recalled, hoping that scientific decisions will have more weight.
The president of ANAC assured that the pilots have been heard. “The pilot has decision-making autonomy, but we are all human”, she said, commenting that “it only takes an accident” to jeopardize evolution in this matter.
Tânia Cardoso Simões also stressed that there is openness on the part of the pilots as long as there is scientific data.
As for the political issue, she assured that ANAC is an independent entity, and the objective of all those involved, including governments, is the development of the Civil Aviation sector.
Bricio Araújo, from the PSD, once again questioned the ANAC official on whether the authority can guarantee that September 30, 2025, the scheduled date for the completion of studies on wind limits at Madeira airport, will be able to make a decision on the revision of this matter. Tânia Cardoso Simões assumed that no, because it is necessary to analyze well the conclusions that are taken. In 2026, yes, it’s secured.

From Jornal Madeira