Is this the next generation of Tourist?

I was a bit shocked to read this comment on Facebook this morning, I just think if you come on holiday and can’t afford to stay anywhere, then just don’t come, and go somewhere you can afford.

It’s bad enough the amount of tourists we have on the island leaving rubbish, shit, and toilet paper everywhere, if you walk the Levadas or go to places tourists are camping without facilities, then you will know.

Plus the amount of tourists disrespectful to the rules, so many walking the closed routes at the moment, and then those stupid ones trying to get the best insta photo climbing waterfalls and getting to ledges, or close to the big waves, just waiting for accidents to happen.

You can’t blame all the tourists for this though, as the government should be doing more, with proper signage, more people inspecting the routes and the safety of people, they want all this over tourism, and the money, but are putting nothing back to clean, and check the trails and Levadas. Also the lacking of parking, (although many places have had parking extended it still isn’t enough) still in all the tourist hot-spots, making all these areas a total nightmare to get around.

Thoughts in the comments below….