Through a telephone contact to our newspaper, the person responsible for the turtle exhibition at the Porto Moniz Multipurpose Center denied the accusations made by PAN in a press release sent this afternoon.

The party expressed concern about the state of the animals in that location.

Raffaele Concilio showed his indignation at the content of the letter from the People Animals and Nature party, because “it does not correspond to the truth”. Clarifying that the turtle exhibition that was on display at the Porto Moniz Multipurpose Center closed on September 1st, the person responsible for it assured that the turtles were always well treated.

He said that they are no longer in that location and that the photo sent to the newsroom by PAN “cannot be” of his turtles, because they are in his home. He further clarified that he has had turtles for over 30 years and that he has never mistreated them.

From Jornal Madeira