The Machico JPP Council expressed its “deep concern and indignation” regarding the “critical situation” in Caminho do Ribeiro Escuro, parish of Santo António da Serra.

Telmo Costa, member of the JPP in the Parish Assembly of Santo António da Serra (Machico), warned of the situation, lamenting that “after Juntos Pelo Povo informed the Machico City Council and Civil Protection technicians were dispatched to assess the situation, to date, no effective action has been taken to address this risk scenario. This is an extremely serious matter, as the aforementioned path is frequently used by various tourist vehicles, posing an imminent risk to the safety of local residents and tourists who visit us.”

He further stressed that “residents, desperate for urgent intervention, live in constant apprehension that a possible storm could trigger a tragedy. Despite formal alerts to the City Council councilor responsible for the matter, more than a month passed without any effective response.”

Considering that “it is imperative and urgent that the City Council and Civil Protection take immediate measures to resolve the problems identified in the Caminho do Ribeiro Escuro, thus guaranteeing the safety of citizens and the preservation of that infrastructure”, the Machico JPP Council guarantees that “will remain vigilant and continue to closely monitor this situation, in defense of the interests of the people of Machico”.

From Jornal Madeira