LIDL explains that it is reorganizing expansion to Madeira “without any political motivation”

The group says it has so far received all the necessary support from local authorities.

The supermarket chain LIDL states that it is in the process of reorganizing its expansion plan for Madeira, “following the economic and financial context, national and international, currently experienced, without any political motivation”. In fact, he guarantees that he has “received all the necessary support from local authorities so far.”

In a statement sent to the press, the group reiterates its interest in bringing its operation to Madeira, but explains that the plan must take into account “maximum quality at the best price”, therefore, taking into account the current context, needs to be reorganized.

This ends up being LIDL’s “response” to the barrage of communications that have emerged, mainly between JPP and Funchal City Council, on this subject. The party accuses the municipality of ‘holding back’ this business, an accusation that President Pedro Calado defends himself against.

From Diário Notícias