78% in taxes, Selfies claim 4 lives

On the front page of the Diário Notícias today, it highlights the fact that Madeira’s pay a total of 78% in taxes.

Fiscal ‘cake’ of 1.2 billion reached a record last year. For every 100 euros of revenue, 78 came from taxes paid by Madeirans, an amount never reached before. Performance of the Tax Authorities in Madeira was superior to that of the Azores and Mainland.

Another number on the front page of the Jornal Madeira.

On the North Coast the North Sea dragged 18 people into the ocean while taking selfies. Last year, four people died after being caught by waves in the north of the island. Another 14 were rescued. To JM, Ângelo Abreu, from SANAS, criticizes the “inconceivable actions” of tourists who “ignore warnings and warning tapes”, constantly crossing them and putting their lives and the lives of others at risk.