Recycling & Fundraising at Holy Trinity Church

A recycling and fundraising project has been set up at the Holy Trinity Church (HTC)

The project aims to recycle any unwanted stuff that can then be sold at annual events, maybe twice a year Spring/Christmas.
If you have anything that could be recycled please take to the HTC, or a collection can be arranged in Garajau on Thursday mornings at  Espada na Pedra just a few doors down from the Chemist.
They are also asking for people to spare some time to help make goods either in their own home or as part of a group.
So if you have anything that could be recycled especially fabric based items, or you would like to get involved in any way with your craft and art skills, please contact me for more details, either through this blog or through my website. Or call Sara on 965430474 or at the coffee mornings at the HTC.