São João

Today 24th June is São João, and last night we enjoyed the celebrations down our local beach with food music and drink, and at midnight its traditional to go for a bath in the ocean.
It was very busy and a lovely evening warm, no wind and with the Supermoon shining above, many people enjoyed the sea where the water was warm and refreshing. Some photos below but only from my camera phone.
In Funchal the Procession of São João took place, and I have been sent some photos below.008 (1) 009 (1) 013 (1) 017 (1) 020 (1) 2013-06-23 23.54.21 (1) 2013-06-23 23.55.59 (1) 2013-06-24 00.01.26 2013-06-24 00.05.24 (1)
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