Missing baby boy

An 18 month old baby boy went missing in Estreito da Calheta Sunday afternoon.
The boy has blonde hair and green eyes and wearing blue trousers, orange grey jacket, black trainers and a red dummy.


Unrest in Calheta as police stop search at 22.10 and will continue in the morning at 8am.
Update Monday
Its looking more likely the child has been taken, a neighbour heard a car outside at the time just before the child was reported missing.

The search was called off early afternoon, with no sign of the child, the family were being questioned , and there has been no more news on this case since this afternoon.

Update Tuesday 

The police believe the parents of baby Daniel are the prime suspects now. There were 8 people at the house when Daniel was reported missing, including the mothers aunt, neighbours and cousins, and all have been questioned by the police. Click Here

My Thoughts

I find it hard that this baby has been missing for over 48 hours now, and there seems to be not much news and not much happening, no clues to his whereabouts or anything.
I know these cases often end with a family connection, but I find that a bit hard to believe in Madeira, and I guess with this not happening before, and very low crime on the island, the police really don’t know how to handle the situation, but I think the ports and airport should have been put on lock down straight away.
Lets hope and pray there is still a chance for this to have a happy out come, but with the hours passing its not looking good.

Wednesday Morning
An unbelievable end to this story as Daniel has been found alive along by a Levada close to the home he went missing from. Good news but still lots if questions to be answered as I don’t see how a 18 month old can survive 3 days alone.
Will be more to this story later.
Daniel has now been taken to the health center for checks.
Update Wednesday 12pm
Daniel is at this time at the hospital in Funchal. He suffers a little hypothermia but no other signs of bruising, cuts violence.
The man that looks after the Levada in the area where Daniel was found believes he was put there and very unlikely he could have got there on his own.

It is plane to see there is no way this 18 month old child could not have traveled 2 miles away from where he went missing, and survived almost 3 days in the cold and wet, and not have any scratches or bruises from falling over, lets hope they find the person/s who took him, my guess is it’s going to be family related.